Wednesday, 21 March 2007

Advertising as revenue for Enterprise Software

It seems to be accepted wisdom that enterprise orientated web-services can't be funded by ad revenue to any serious extent. I believe the new google aps for your domain gives you the choice as to whether your staff see adverts or not- it'd be interesting to know how this is taken up. In general I can see some pro's and con's to this approach:



  • Seen as "unacceptable"! (who?, why?)
  • Purchasing decisions concentrated in a small body of the enterprise users
  • Enterprises may be concerned that the "context" information leaks to advertisers
  • Target audience can be harder to reach by other advertising
  • Revenue per click likely to be higher
  • Context customisation of ads likely to be powerful
  • Widely accepted (e.g. Google for search, LinkedIn ads, gmail popular as unofficial mail client used at work).

What do you think?