Tuesday, 4 December 2007

NW Startup 2.0 Demo and Manchester Mashup

Manoj has tempted some really interesting speakers up from the South, and put together a line up of interesting start-ups for Thursday night. 
Paul Fisher is a really interesting guy; he writes an occasional blog at http://www.thecoffeeshopsofmayfair.com/ about Web2.0 orientated companies and has an interesting perspective having made the leap from corporate finance work to venture capital with Advent.
Sam Sethi's also well worth hearing. Sam has started http://blognation.com, for want of a better description a kind of TechCrunch for Europe, but with a rather more European style??
Yuuguu will be there, definitely the finest collaboration tool since the chisel and stone tablet (but heck I'm just a little bit biased!), and a whole heap of interesting start-ups.
And, clearly best of all Mark Rahn and I will be there representing Enterprise Ventures and RisingStars.
I'm looking forward to it!