Sunday, 29 January 2012

Product/Company Name/Domain Generator

Why build it?

I've spent far too much time watching teams struggle with how to name their products- it's something that seems easy but is actually fraught with problems so some time ago I set up a checklist of the 8 things I thought you should check. The worst of these is often the domain name- most good ones have gone- so here is really simple tool to produce a bunch of suggestions quickly that can go straight into a domain name bulk service for checking.

How to use it

To use this tool simply start tying lots of "First bits" (based on known words, sounds letter patterns or adjectives), and lots of endings you like in the second. The page will constantly update the third output column with a list of candidates you can then use to copy and paste into a domain name service like this one.

Nothing is stored so do keep the lists you make by copying and pasting them somewhere on your own computer.

First bitsSecond bitsOutput